Granite is a hard coarse-grained rock that makes up a large part of every continent. Granite is one of the strongest of all dimension building stones. Most Granite can withstand weathering for centuries. However, it is difficult to cut and handle because it is extremely hard. It is used extensively in the construction of public building. Granite can be polished to a glossy finish and is an excellent background for carvings and lettering. The applications of Granite are multi-fold. Granite Slabs find main application in kitchen tops and Granite Tiles are used for flooring. They are used in the paneling of walls interior and exterior decoration of bathrooms, kitchen tops, steps etc. Tiles indicate a smaller size of Granite modular elements with reduced thickness. India has vast resources of Granite with about 100 varieties of different colors and textures such as black, grey pink, and multi colored etc. These varieties are used to produce building Slabs, Tiles (wall and floor), surface plates and monuments. India is the world's third largest producer of natural stones and fifth in export of finished products. The Granite deposits are widely spread over the entire country. However, popular varieties are mainly found in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Almost entire exports take place from these states. Major countries where Indian Granite is exported are USA, China, Italy, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, and Belgium to name a few. The market potential is abundant and there are excellent prospects for the Indian Granite industry to get its due share in the world market. Architects acknowledge the inherent advantages Granite possesses over marble the world over and Granite is rapidly replacing marble for lending elegance to buildings. Marble is now a poor cousin of Granite. There is no other natural substitute to Granite in Kitchen Top application. Granite is increasingly being preferred over other stones due to its resistance to wear and tear as well as weathering which makes Granite ever lasting stone. In flooring application, there are other substitutes like ceramics and wood. These, however, score poor on wear and tear and durability. Wooden flooring is significantly expensive too.
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